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Winter Rainy Running Tips

Rainy weather does not mean you have to take your run inside. If you’ve ever registered for and completed a race, they are never cancelled because of rain. That’s why it’s important to train in the rain in the event that it rains on race day. You just need a few tips to make your rainy run a success; you’ll have no regrets about heading out for that run.

Running in the rain creates mental toughness and just takes a little bit of preparation before the run to ensure you are properly clothed and protected.

First, make sure you have a hat with a brim. This will change your life, and become your best friend during your run because it will keep the rain out of your face and keep your head dry. If the temperature is below 50 you will want to also add some ear warmers to keep your ears warm as well.

Second, is your attire. It may seem small but it’s important when you know you’re going to get wet. One rule of thumb is to NEVER wear cotton. When you run and your cotton clothes get wet they become heavy. Dri-fit clothing should be worn on the top and bottom. Your outerwear should be a wind and water resistant jacket; at the very least a windbreaker. This will keep you warm and prevent the chaffing that comes from wet cotton rubbing against your body. As with all winter runs, do not overdress. Wearing more layers will not keep you dry. You will just be wearing more clothing that will begin to feel like weights on your body.

Be prepared; your feet will get wet. It will not matter how many puddles you run around. There will always be a puddle that you miss.

You do want to pay more attention to the road when running in the rain. It’s similar to running on the trail with rocks and branches.

The hardest part of running in the rain is often just getting started. Once you begin running and warm up, you may find that you actually enjoy it.

Running in the rain is perfectly safe. But do not run in thunderstorms. Getting your run done is not worth the risk of getting struck by lightning.

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