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Run-cation to Chicago

I had an amazing time in Chicago this past weekend at the I’m a Black Woman Who (IABWW) 2nd Annual Dispelling Myths 5K Race. Maybe you're thinking, I wouldn't want to travel to another state to complete a 5K race. But this was more than a race. The focus of the race was Dispelling Myths that Black women are lazy, don’t workout or care about their health. It was about getting together and supporting one another with one goal in mind: get up, get moving and live a healthy lifestyle.

As a Personal Trainer, it warmed my heart to see everyone moving, and to have the honor to be a part of it was even more rewarding.

Courtney is the founder behind I’m a Black Woman Who.

She and I collaborated to bring the runners the best experience possible. The Dispelling Myths 5K not only commemorated I’m a Black Woman Who’s anniversary, but it also celebrated and encouraged women who are on a journey to living a healthier lifestyle.

The race takes place in a different city each year to allow IABWW customers from around the U.S. to participate.

Collaboration of IABWW & Fitness Runner Lee. A social media relationship turned into a true friendship and business relationship. Courtney & I instantly clicked! Two like-minded women with similar goals, passions, and stories. Of course, #realwomensupportwomen

While this wasn't a timed 5K, we wanted to ensure that everyone was 5K ready. Included in the package was a Fitness Runner Lee curated 12-week run guide for all the participants, which included a run schedule, tips, and training tricks.

It was an honor to have the opportunity to do what I love as a Personal Trainer. After we warmed up we hit the streets of Chicago, strong and confident!

We hope to see you next year. If you would like additional information about IABWW, please visit their website.

Tips on how to pack for a Run-cation

  • If your run-cation includes a race and your flying, be sure to pack your race day gear in your carry-on luggage.

  • Bring two race day clothing options on your run-cation. Who knows what the weather (or your mood) will be?

  • Make a list. Jot things to pack down the week before. I have a race list checklist; this has been extremely helpful for all my races

  • Don’t forget your accessories! Sunglasses, gloves, run belt, armband, headphones, camera (if your not using your phone) fitness tracker (watch or phone), and a hydration belt depending on the length of your run.

  • Depending on where you are traveling and what items will be available be sure to have any special nutritional items you may need. Recovery drinks, protein powders, pre-race nutrition, and even snacks.

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