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I am Fitness Runner Lee, that name coming from my love of fitness and running. I'm from Philadelphia and I started my fitness journey back in 2009. I was the true definition of a couch to Half marathon. From that time I fell in love with fitness and running, It started with me conditioning myself to be a stronger runner.  I want to help others live healthier lives on their own terms. I believe living a healthy lifestyle begins with good nutrition and maintaining a strong and fit body. This is what lead me on my journey to be a ACE Certified Personal trainer. 

With my ACE training and my numerous years of health and wellness experience, I now have the knowledge that allows me to focus on client progress through physical education to support their goals and exercise objective. In order to feel successful, I meet clients at their physical fitness level, and challenge them to meet the goals they were inspired and excited to make. I develop exercise programs to improve client strength, flexibility, endurance or circulatory functions, in accordance with American Council on Exercise. I provide each client with a personized follow up plan to ensure they are following their designed exercise program.

I believe that it’s never too late to begin. So wherever you are, that's where you start.

Khaleedah Miller aka Fitnes Runner Lee

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